I am a seven year waist training vet, and I can honestly say it really has helped me keep my core strong after my last three pregnancies. I wear my multiple different styles depending on the occasion, roughly 4 hours a day, about 4-5 times a week. I find it best to use during my workouts or just running errands through the day.

I was first educated on waist training after birthing my second child, At the time I had a 90 lb weight loss, then got pregnant...I put in so much hard work to lose the weight, I was desperate for a quick and efficient way to bounce back quick! I would always use the post partum belts to help strengthen my core weeks after delivery, but after my fourth child, it just did not feel strong enough.


My favorite thing about waist trainers is the compression material that keeps your abs tight and forces your back straight while your exercising. This significantly increases sweat production which can help you sweat 4 times as much around your midsection! It definitely makes your workouts more challenging