Your Beauty area will never be the same. The Nordic Marble Top Vanity is astethicly pleasing to the eye and soft to the touch. Glide your hand across the velevety covering and glass like white marble top. Feel like a queen everytime your MakeOva' before an event! Too many cosmetics taking up your tablespace? Not a problem. This vanity comes with a drawer to ensure you’ve got enough room for every look imaginable. Perfect your Bedroon, Boudior even Studio. 
Offered in three colours; Ringarde Rose, Trifecta Teal, & Trois Blanc
This timeless set  allows you to get the full benefit of a traditional dressing table while taking up less space with its nordic fit. 
*Notes: Keep out of direct sunlight to avoid material colour fading*
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Ringarde Marble Top Vanity Dresser