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beginning June 21st 2021

Welcome to my blog world of
Beauty, Faith, Family, Fitness, Health and Wellness. 
My name is Jainel and I have been in the beauty industry for over16 years. Within that time frame, I have learned so much and enlightened many from the hundreds of faces that have sat in my makeov'a chair. I have glammed celebrities and everyday clients from every walk of life and in 2019, I finally felt it was time to share my O.M.G diaries of travels, stories and wisdom.

Blogging originally started as a hobby that slowly tiptoed into a passion, which allowed me to walk into a newly found purpose.
As you read on, you'll see that I share my epiphany moments, life experiences, opinions and years of industry expertise.

Look forward to my upcoming blogs in the next couple of weeks on
Marriage, Motherhood, and Money
-Will we ever balance it all?