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the WHAT

OMG fit is where comfort meets commitment, and is reflected through style. Cultivated from a group of women with a passion to help others feel beautiful during their journey into fitness.


Our overall mission is to find new and exciting ways to achieve a healthier lifestyle from home and inspire others to really love their body every step of the way.

Our body is a direct reflection of the different changes we experience in life. As we battle our habitual selves, and transition into our better beings... it's imperative that we embrace The Change, and find The Beauty in it as well. In between that thin line of Change and Beauty is the moment we truly start to Love who we are becoming because we are actually proactive with in the process, and finally holding ourselves accountable.


Allow OMG to help you "find your fit" so you can look amazing during your workouts or more importantly, Feel Good during this voyage into a permanent, healthy lifestyle change.

The best way to achieve any goal is to be prepared for what's in store. Invest in yourself with the right daily fit apparel and equip your mind and mini home gym with the right tools to maximize your journey ahead and crush your fitness goals!


Iyengar Class






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Mix and match your favorite leggings, tops and sports bras to find your perfect fit. 

Mix & Match Fit Sets